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1. Aquarium

Be it giant or little, the Associate in the Nursing fish tank forever manages to become an enormous draw of attention, transferral folks from the way and wide to visualize exotic fish and marine creatures. 

With the ever-expanding list of water-dwelling mobs in Minecraft, there hasn’t been a much better time than currently to figure out on to construct an Associate in the Nursing fish tank of your own

From a tiny low marine museum within your home to a serious building in and of itself, the choices square measure limitless.

As you enter a lot of endgame content and might explore underwater areas a lot well, you’ll have a lot of and a lot of opportunities to satisfy (and later catch) different fish that you simply will then add as your latest exhibit on show.

2. museum

A particularly fun project if you’re progressing to RP tons in your world, a repository can't solely act as a storage facility, but conjointly a visit down memory lane.

Your 1st ensorcelled pick that’s this near to breaking, your 1st diamond, the remains of a beloved animal lost only too soon; these gems will all live here.

With materials just like a lot of recently accessorial Bone blocks, you'll be able to conjointly recreate fossils and skeletons to place on the show, and precious items of design to admire.

3. Pixel Art

Sticking with the concept of art items on show, one thing that's entirely plausible for each Minecraft player, despite ability level, is picture element art.

The blockish pixel-based art variety of default Minecraft lends itself excellently to comes like this. Be it your favorite anime character, a trial from a beloved film, or the spiciest of memes, the sole limit is your imagination.


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