Top 8 games to earn money online



Nowadays, earning money online is a trend. People became creative and always tried their best to make money. Some people earn money by data entry, some by programming, and some by writing articles or vice-versa. But now we are here to provide a tip to make money with enjoyment and earn money by playing games. There are money websites that paid you for playing video games online, not even websites you can make money by online streaming of your gameplay. Here we provided you a list of some games which help you to earn money online by streaming!


(1) Players Unknown Battlegrounds(PUBG)


PUBG is an action and survival game that Krafton develops. Inc. It is a South Korean game, but its license, which is Tencent, is Chinese, due to which it is banned in some countries of the world. In the last few years, this game becomes most famous among Android users. It is a survival game in which 100 real-time players spawn into an island where they find weapons, vehicles, bombs, etc., and fight each other, and the last survivor is the winner. In return for his work, the player is rewarded with "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner." 

PUBG was first released for Microsoft Windows at Xbox One, but now it is available for android and iso.




This is a beautiful shooter with superb graphics and particularisation. In UNKILLED, you'll realize associate persistent post-apocalyptic world choked with danger and enemies. The strain won't leave you throughout the sport as a result of zombies don't slumber! Walking dead don't sleep in the least; however, solely explore for folks searching for flesh. Feel yourself a fighter with evil spirits, clean the streets of the ghouls and save the living folks.


(3) call of Duty: Black Roman deity II


If first-person shooters unit of measurement your issue, then call of Duty: Black Roman deity II is for you. Developed by Treyarch and written by Activision, Call of Duty: Black Roman deity II has sold over twenty-four million copies since it was fully discharged in 2012.

The game is prepared in two altogether totally different periods, the Eighties and 2025, and switches between the two at entirely different periods throughout the game.

In anytime periods, your character is in constant pursuit of Raul Menendez, a Nicaraguan trust leader, and it's up to you to go looking out for him and procure the task done.

Like most first-person shooters, there's plenty of shooting, explosions, death, and graphic content… that's spectacular in my book.


(4) The Last of Us


The last of us is a fight or adventure game developed by Naughty gamers in 2013 and published by sony computer entertainment. This is a TPP potential game. The gamester uses weapons and upgrades them to fight against hostile humans and creatures infected by Fungus. This game allows eight real-time online players at a time. The creation of last of us began in 2009 and its announcement in December 2011. The final of us became one of the world's most giant disposable games. Over 1.7 million copies were sold in the first week.


(5) Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy is a fictional and Japanese anatomy game developed by Square Enix and created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Its first series was released in 1987. This first series was released in South Korea on 18 December 1988. This is predicted that the future console of this game will be launched on seventh or either in the eighth generation accordingly the development of the programming.


(6) Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing is a simulation games that is both developed and published by Nintendo games. In this game, the player commands the character is moving across the desert after purchasing a package from TOM. The play has to store and gather items, customize the island, and take care of animals like birds, cows, buffalo, etc.


(7) Plant Vs. Zombies


This game is developed by electronics art which is published on the play store in just 98 MB. It is also attainable on the app store in 120 Mb. This game is strategic and mind testing. In the game, there are lots of living plants that have owned their comical powers and technique. Also, there are lots of zombie in the game with different emphases. You have to use the plants to kill all the zombie prevent them from reaching the farm.


(8) Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is one of those popular games which can be found on everyone phone commonly, and this game has earned worldwide fame among the players. SYBO game develops this game in the year 2006. In this game, a small boy who is a theft stole a ticket checker, and the ticket checker follows him to catch him, but he runs fast over the trains and strips, jumps over the hurdles, and turns left or left-right to save himself.

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